Brands & Campaigns (10DLC)

The Webex Connect integrated with The Campaign Registry (TCR) is an independent Reputation Authority chosen by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to collect Brand and Campaign data in order to allow for transparency on the 10DLC network. The registry supports a sanctioned A2P 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) text messaging Campaign ecosystem and provides visibility into the messaging source and content, allowing MNOs in the United States to provide a more reliable and predictable messaging service for the Webex Connect Platform clients.

You can perform the following functions in the Webex Connect Platform related to Brands and Campaigns:

  • Creating and managing brands

  • Creating and managing campaigns

  • Assigning a 10DLC number to a campaign

Accessing Brands & Campaigns

To access the Brands & Campaigns page:

  1. Login to the Webex Connect Platform.

  2. Click the Profile button in the lower left corner of the Home page.

  3. Click Brands & Campaigns(10DLC).



  • In the Create Brand and Register Campaign page, the Create or Register buttons are enabled after all the mandatory fields are entered or selected.

  • It is mandatory to enter the Legal Company Name and Brand Name fields when the type of organization is Proprietor for a brand.

  • You cannot create a campaign for a brand if the status for a brand is Unverified.