Data Retention Policy

Here's a brief summary of Webex Connect standard data retention policy.

  • Transactional data for 30 days
  • Aggregated traffic summary reports data for 6 months
  • Detailed debug and transaction trace (Descriptive Logs when enabled) for 7 days
  • Host and Usage Information, Registration Data, System Generated Data, and User Generated Data are retained for 6 months.
  • Platform and Service configuration, Templates, and other configuration data for the lifetime
  • Profile data, and content uploaded to media manager for the lifetime

Please refer to the Webex Connect Privacy Data Sheet for more information.


Please note while the standard/default platform data retention policy is 30-days, we do provide the ability to have custom retention period for Live Chat and In-App Messaging Channels. Please reach out to your account manager for any custom data retention requirements.