Sender ID

A Sender ID is a name or number that an SMS appears to come from (from address) when you receive a message on your mobile phone.

A Sender ID is the from address of an SMS or text message. A Sender ID can be a meaningful word, abbreviation, or an alphanumeric string that represents your brand.


Alphanumeric Sender IDs

Alphanumeric Sender IDs send only one-way messages and do not allow the customers to reply.

The sender ID allows the sender to send messages using a string constructed with a combination of alphabetic characters (a-z, A-Z) and/or numeric (0-9) characters, as well as white spaces.


Multiple Geographic Locations

Sender IDs are governed by local regulations in different geographies. You may need to contact our support team, if you intend to use a single Sender ID across multiple geographic locations.

Get a Sender ID

Select Numbers from the Assets menu and choose the Sender ID option from the Get Numbers drop-down list box.


Select the country for which you need the Sender ID. Depending on the country you select, the supported features of the sender ID are selected by default.

Enter Comments in the designated text box to provide additional information about your use case. Webex Connect uses this information to create the sender ID with a quick turnaround.


Sender ID Allocation

For countries where you need to request for a Sender ID, our operations team will respond to you within three working days.