Limitations and FAQs

Limitations for Brands & Campaigns management

  • Deleting brands is not allowed from the Webex Connect Platform.

  • Deactivation of campaign is not allowed from the Webex Connect Platform.

  • Disabling Campaign is not allowed from the Webex Connect Platform.

  • Third-party vetting is not allowed from the Webex Connect Platform. For additional vetting, contact the Operations Team.

  • TPM is subject to your tenant-level TPS limit.

  • Once the number assigned to the campaign can’t be updated to the new campaign ID from the platform.


These common FAQs will help you navigate through the issues that you may face while creating or managing brands and campaigns.

  • How long does it take to approve my campaign once submitted?
    Standard use case Campaigns are approved between 1 - 2 business days for qualified brands, while some Special use case Campaigns are dependent on MNO review times. These Campaigns initially will be in a “Pending” Status upon completion of the registration process. Once the Campaign is accepted, the registered tenant owner will be notified and the status can be verified in the Campaigns page.

  • Will having my brands vetted improve their throughput or lower their per message surcharges?
    We work with the Campaign Registry and third-party vetting partners, who may provide independent information to the carrier about the Brand that may result in the Brand having access to higher message throughput and, potentially, lower surcharges. You can reach your account manager for vetting of a Brand after the Brand Registration process. External vetting is the only way you can improve the message class or volume tier of your Brand's Campaigns if the Brand is not in the Russell 3000 list.

  • Who are eligible to apply as a Sole Proprietor?

If you are a Sole Proprietor entity type and your use case is limited to small businesses and individuals without an EIN with limited traffic needs, then the use of Sole Proprietor is subject to the following requirements:

One campaign allowed per Brand, with a maximum of 5 associated landline (10DLC) numbers.
1000 msg/day limit (T-Mobile) and 15msg/minute limit (AT&T)per Campaign - CSP to enforce daily limits. (Subject to carrier and TCR changes)