Sending automated SMS using Webex Connect Visual Flow Builder

Learn how to send an SMS using Webex Connect Visual Flow Builder



  • Access to Webex Connect platform (request your trial access here)
  • Postman app (or an alternative tool) to invoke APIs (Download Postman app from here)

Step 1: Create a Service

Create new service from the Services Dashboard. If this is the first time you are creating a service in Webex Connect, you can follow the below tutorial.

Step 2: Get a phone number

A phone number is needed for sending and/or receiving messages from your customers using Webex Connect. You can skip this step if you already have a number.

Here's a quick tutorial on buying a number using <>.

Step 3: Create a Flow to Send SMS

1. Create a New Flow

For detailed steps on creating a new flow click here

2. Select the custom event as the event trigger on the trigger category selection page

  • On the next window, configure your custom event. Select radio button "Create New Event"
  • Name the custom event. Next, define the parameters to be used in this event.
  • Under the PARAMETERS (OPTIONAL) section, choose the TYPE as String from the drop-down.
  • Enter msisdn as the variable.
  • Check the Mandatory box.
  • Click on +ADD NEW to define another parameter & define all the parameters as follows

3. Build the Flow

  • You will arrive at the Visual Flow Builder screen with the custom event node already present in the flow builder.
  • Drag and drop a Send node from the node palette to the left of the screen, under the Channels tab.
  • Connect the custom event node with the Send node by dragging the green dot towards the Send node.
  • Double-click on the Send node to configure its parameters. You will arrive at the configuration window.
  • Here, enter $(msisdn) in the DESTINATION field.
  • Note: MSISDN stands for Mobile Station ISDN number, which refers to the mapping of the telephone number to SIM card.
  • Select the sender id from the drop-down under FROM NUMBER
  • Type the message that you wish to send to your customers in the MESSAGE section and click on SAVE to save these settings.

Step 4 : Configure the 'onsuccess' event

Click here for detailed steps on configuring onsuccess event for SMS node.

Step 5 : Configure the 'onerror' event

Click here for detailed steps on configuring onerror event for SMS node.

Publish the Flow

Click here to know more about publishing a flow.

Step 7: Invoke the flow using Postman

Click here for steps on testing using postman

Here's how the complete flow will look: