Contact Policy

Contact Policy application provides you with the ability to store customer consent information for various communication purposes. In addition, it offers you with the ability to apply contact thresholds to avoid sending too many messages or calls to the same customer.

Contact Policy application works in conjunction with the Contact Policy APIs and Messaging APIs.

At the center of this are Consent Groups that you can configure once you access the Contact Policy app. A consent group is set up on an opt-in or opt-out basis with the following capabilities:

  • Customer consent management: Create and manage consent groups for opt-in or opt-out management.
  • Contact preference management: Capture and maintain consumer's preference for the business to utilize a specific channel when contacting them
  • Contact Frequency Management – Configure policy limits and track usage against these limits for communication frequency on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Maintain a clear audit trail of edits, lookups, and changes made to the consent group settings.



  • Contact Policy Application is in GA mode. However, it is not enabled by default for all tenants. Please reach out to the Support Team using the details mentioned in the Contact Support section within your tenant if you want this to be enabled for your tenant.
  • Carrier messaging channels SMS, MMS, and RCS are clubbed into one category referred to as 'Text'.
  • Currently, Contact Policy support is limited only to Text, Voice, and Email channels on the messaging API (v1 & v2).
  • The policy preferences do not apply to the Send nodes in the flows. You will need to apply Contact Policy / Consent checks explicitly in your flows before sending the messages.
  • Contact Policy is now available on Webex Connect Azure deployment site as well.