Nodes in Voice Flows [Deprecated]


Deprecation Alert

Depending on tenant configuration, the set of voice nodes available to you varies. We've upgraded the workflow builder starting release v5.4.0 to include voice nodes within workflows. However, the new voice nodes need to be enabled upon request through your account manager. The below documentation is relevant for tenants who had access to the voice flow builder and have some legacy flows that are yet to be migrated to the flows using new voice nodes. Please contact your account manager to get access to the newer version of the voice nodes which are available through the workflow builder.

Voice Flows

Use the following set of voice nodes when you want to explicitly create a voice flow. The following are the nodes available for Voiceflow:

Embedded Voice Nodes in Flows

Voice nodes embedded with flows allow you to:

  • work with voice calls in the same way you would work with any other messaging channels
  • use integrations and other channels while configuring voice flows​
  • debug voice flows with near real-time logs
  • listen to the prompts played to the user (which can be searched by msisdn)​
  • play and download voice recordings for 30days
  • ship recordings to client's S3/FTP/SFTP storage locations.

When you want to embed the voice nodes in the flow, use the following nodes. These are the newer version of the voice nodes: