Language Support

The number of languages supported vary for different components in the bot builder. This page provides useful links for multilingual support for Q&A and Task bots along with information about changing the text orientation in bot builder platform UI based on the language being used.

Q&A bot language support

Users can use a single Q&A bot for conversations in multiple languages across channels. For details on how to create a multi-lingual bot and languages supported, visit Multilingual support for Q&A bots

Task bot language support

Currently, task bots can be used for conversation in a single language only. Different bots need to be created for different languages. For details on languages supported for task bots, visit Multilingual support for Task bots

UI support

The bot builder UI for Q&A and Task bots can support both left-to-right (LTR) and right-to-left (RTL) scripts.


Text orientation in settings


Left-to-right alignment for English


Right-to-left alignment for Arabic

Swiftmatch NLU engine supports multiple languages for Q&A and Task bots. Languages supported and the process of creating bots in different languages varies by bot type. Rasa and Mindmeld NLU engines only support English in the bot builder for now.