Best Practices and Guidelines

Configuring Retry Logic for Pre-built Integration Nodes or 3rd Party API Calls

There isn't any implicit retrial built into various integration nodes offered by Webex Connect (such as Webex Contact Centre, Zendesk, etc). At the moment if an API call made by Webex Connect pre-built integration nodes or HTTP Request node to the integrated system or any third-party API call fails, the node transitions to the node outcome that corresponds to API call failure without any retries. Retry logic should be built within flows depending on the use case and requirements.

Tenant Time Zone and Date Time Format Settings

Configure the Tenant TimeZone and Date Format Settings for your tenant as per your region/preference.

Enable Attachment Support within Cisco Webex Contact Center

  • Please ensure that you have enabled the ability to receive attachments within Cisco Webex Contact Center.

Security Best Practices

Flow Configuration Best Practices

  • Do not configure high timeout values while making use of HTTP request node and Delay node when using these nodes as it can lead to delayed processing of concurrent flow threads.
  • Do not configure never-ending loops as such mistakes can lead to concurrency thresholds causing new event processing to stop.

Descriptive Logs for Debugging

You must enable the Descriptive Logs option under the flow settings to capture node execution details. Please note that this feature is suggested to be used only during initial flow set-up and troubleshooting. Enabling this feature in production mode can impact your tenant performance.

Groups and Teams

For the Webex Connect and Cisco Webex Contact Center integration flows, we recommend you to use the Client level services, and not configure assets or flows for these integrations at a Group or Team level.

Configuring authorizations for Cisco Webex Contact Center integration nodes

While there is no limit on the number of authorizations you can configure for a node, we recommend configuring one authorization for one type of node and reusing the same authorization configuration across flows.

Webex Connect Services used for Webex Contact Center Flows

It is recommended that you use the service locking feature to avoid accidental changes or deletion of services or flows. Also, the service keys should not be changed for these services as it would lead to integration not working. If such changes are made, reverting to the original stage will not be possible.

Messenger Get Started Configuration

We recommend you to not enable the Get Started button on the Messenger app configuration screen under Assets --> Apps section when using Webex Connect for supporting Messenger for Webex Contact Center.

Modularising Flows for Improved UI Performance

It is recommended that you modularise your flows using Call Workflow node if you have a large flow and are observing delays in flow loading during flow configuration/design. Refer this page for more info on when this issue may be observed typically.