Media Manager

Upload media files for use in email template builder or rich channel messages in flows

Media Manager is the repository of media files. You can either upload the URL of the file or the file itself. Once uploaded, the file links can be copied and used in Email Composer and flow builder. Media manager allows you to upload various new file types within the media manager such as images, videos, audio files, and documents.

Supported File Formats

File TypeFormat
Image BMP
JPEG (highly recommended)
Video* MPEG-4, AVI, MKV, MP4
Audio MP4
Document* PDF

Using Media Manager

On the media manager page, all the files uploaded to the media manager are listed here. You can copy the file URL to use in relevant nodes or in email composer as applicable. Every client has a storage limit of 1 GB and an error message appears after the limit is reached.

You can delete the media files from the Actions drop-down box if you don't require that specific file anymore.


Media Manager - List of image assets

Import URL

Use the Import URL to add an image from a URL. Only files up to 10mB are allowed.


Import URL


Click Upload and locate the relevant file on your PC to upload it to the media manager. Only files up to 10 MB are allowed.


Copying the URL

Copy the file URL to use in Email Composer or Channel Nodes. Click Copy URL corresponding to the image as shown in the figure below, the URL is copied to the clipboard,