Invite your teammates and manage their permissions. Only owners and full access users are able to invite teammates

Teammates section enables operations such as inviting a user to Webex Connect, deleting the user role of an existing user, deleting a user and more.

Here's a brief description of various user roles available in Webex Connect.


OwnerHas access to everything on the platform including Owner only features that include:

- Scheduling Export Logs
- Monitoring Section (User Audit Trail)
- Adding Groups and Teams
- Configuring SSO settings
- Updating Tenant Settings
- Regenerating Profile Key
- Decrypt Access

Please note that the user transitioning from Full Access, Limited Access, Read-only Access, or Restricted Access to the Owner role within the tenant will not automatically possess default access to decrypt logs. Additionally, it's important to note that certain features mentioned above may not be accessible or enabled by default for all tenants.

Please note that some of the above features may not be available/enabled by default for all tenants.
Full AccessHas access to most features excluding the ones that only Tenant Owners have access to. Full access users are able to add or remove users but cannot add users in tenant Owner role.
Limited AccessCannot add or remove users. Cannot delete services, numbers or apps
Read-only AccessRead-only access to all pages on the platform
Restricted AccessHave access to specific app-tray applications on Webex Connect



As a tenant owner, you can add multiple owners and also change the existing roles.

An Owner is allowed to invite or upgrade an existing user to the Owner role. However, once an existing user has been provided with the Owner role, it cannot be changed to any other user role. A user with Owner role cannot edit user role of another Owner. Please reach out to the support team if you want to do so.

The Owner role can be assigned only to 'Client' i.e., overall tenant level users who have access to all groups and teams.


Data Decryption Access

Editing a user role to add "Decrypt logs" allows the user to decrypt all the encrypted logs on the platform. Recommended to enable this only for Data Protection Officer or for debugging purposes.

It is important to note tenant owners have default access to 'Decrypt logs'. However, a user transitioning from other roles to the Owner role will not have default access to Decrypt logs. Such transitions requires manual enabling "Decrypt logs" access for the user transitioned as Owner.

Inviting a User to Webex Connect

Tenants with Webex SSO based-login enabled

If Webex SSO is enabled for your tenant, you will receive two emails. One of the them is an SSO activation email that is sent to users who do not have a Webex account with the email id used for inviting the user, and the second one is a welcome email to redirect to the login page of Webex Connect.

Webex Connect Welcome Email Webex Account Activation Email

Tenants that use Username and Passwords for accessing the platform

If SSO is not enabled for your tenant, you will receive an email prompting you to create credentials (username and password) for Webex Connect. After creating the credentials, you can log in to Webex Connect using those credentials.

Webex Connect Sign-Up Invite


Tenant Access Emails

The existing tenants for which Webex SSO was enabled post v6.5.0 release, the new users created on those tenants are receiving only the Webex SSO invite emails, and not the Username and password-based invite emails. This limitation is planned to be fixed in v6.6.1 of the platform release.

Access Management for App Tray applications

Bot Builder User Access Management

Tenant Owners or Full Access users can assign and or update user roles for accessing Bot Builder application. The roles can be one or both of the following:

  • Curation Console - a central place to monitor all the issues with the Bot's behavior and resolve them instantly to improve accuracy
  • One-click testing - to automate quality testing for the bot, every time the bot is trained to see if the changes made impact accuracy in any way
User Access Management for App Trays



Please note that Event scheduler access levels are based on the overall user role a user has on Webex Connect. We do not have any application specific user roles defined for Event Scheduler.