Webex Connect and Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (CCE) integration allows Cisco Contact Center Enterprise customers to leverage Webex Connect's customer interaction automation capabilities for enabling customer self-service and support across digital messaging channels.

Webex Connect brings in the ability to receive customer inquiries from a range of digital messaging channels (SMS, Live Chat, and Email) and facilitate automated handling of these inquiries by leveraging AI-powered bots with contextual and seamless escalation to a live chat agent on Cisco Contact Center Enterprise when manual intervention is needed.

Webex Connect's visual flow builder plays a key role in this solution by enabling clients to configure frictionless customer engagement and self-service experiences by leveraging various rich messaging capabilities (such as carousels, templates, etc. on Facebook Messenger) while seamlessly integrating with backend systems and applications to automate the handling of customer requests.

Here's a quick list of various nodes and events offered by Webex Connect visual flow builder for programmatic handling of incoming customer inquiries with seamless escalation to Cisco Contact Center Enterprise customer service agents when needed.

Before we dive deeper into the details, here are the links to some key sections:

Topic and Documentation LinkDescription
Channel Asset Configuration for Webex Connect and CCE IntegrationUnderstanding how you can associate your Asset page with Webex Connect, or get an SMS number and use them to provide customer service over these channels.
Event AuthorizationContains information about how to activate an authorization.
CCE Integration Nodes and Node AuthorizationsHigh-level description of various CCE Task nodes that you can use for configuring routing flow for Cisco Contact Centre Enterprise (CCE) across digital channels.
Webex Engage nodes and Node AuthorizationsHigh-level description of various Webex Engage nodes that you can use for configuring routing flow for Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (CCE) across digital channels.
Best Practices and GuidelinesContains a set of guidelines and efficient ways to integrate Webex Connect and Cisco Contact Centre Enterprise.
FAQsContains a series of steps that allows a user to find the root cause and resolve the issue.