Create Appointments

Nodes Description

This node is used to schedule an assigned / unassigned appointment in IMIASSIST.


Api Key and Token are required input variables. Get them by using the authentication node to authenticate your request. For more information, see the Authentication section.

Here’s a brief description of the methods available under this node.

Schedule an Appointment

This method can be used to schedule an assigned / unassigned appointment in IMIASSIST.

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Method Name: Schedule an Appointment

Input VariableOutput VariableNode Outcomes

Name of the subdomain associated with the company


Name of the domain to which the company belongs
Eg- "", “”

Api Key

API key of the company
Eg- "ca4356d0-an16-01e9-7ff9-23ab6aaded3a"


Token that will be used to authenticate the request

Customer Id (Optional)

Unique ID of the primary guest

Customer Phone (Optional)

Phone number of the primary guest in E.164 format that will be used for the appointment
Eg-"+44123456789" (phone number is expected to be prefixed with +country code without any spaces or other special characters)

Customer Email (Optional)

Email of the primary guest that will be used for the appointment
Eg-"[email protected]"

Customer First Name (Optional)

First name of the primary guest
Eg- "Test"

Customer Last Name (Optional)

Last name of the primary guest
Eg- "User"

Custom Attributes (Optional)

Custom attributes can be used to capture additional custom data of the primary guest. Please note that custom attributes have to be first configured for the company, to be able to use this

Team Id (Optional)

Team ID under which the appointment has to be created
Eg- “5c75445d8eb2b817b465328d”

Appointment Type (Optional)

Appointment Type under which the appointment has to be created. Appointment Type can be defined by admin under Department Settings
Eg- “testing”

Start Time

Start time of the appointment in ISO format

Assignee Email (Optional)

Email of the host to whom the appointment has to be assigned
Eg- "[email protected]"

Description (Optional)

Description of the appointment
Eg- "Test appointment"

Reference Case Id (Optional)

Case ID to which the appointment can be mapped

Priority (Optional)

Priority of the appointment. Valid values are LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH. Default value is LOW if not specified.

External Reference Id (Optional)

Reference ID for the appointment in the external CRM system, PAS system etc.

Title (Optional)

Title for the appointment. If not specified, default value will be “Video appointment with

Duration (Optional)

Duration can be passed in number of minutes and will be used to calculate the scheduled end time. If not specified, it takes the value configured for the department. Duration passed should not exceed the maximum duration configured at the department level. Default value is 15 minutes
Eg:- 30

Unique alpha-numeric ID of the appointment


Unique friendly ID of the appointment


JSON containing details about participants & their meeting links


HTTP response body of the request sent to IMIASSIST APIs


* HTTP response status code of the request sent to IMIASSIST APIs

Successfully scheduled an appointment


Error in scheduling an appointment